Fast Drying / Rapid Drying Screeds

At Harris Floor Screeding we pride ourselves in offering all floor screed systems giving our customers to review options to find out what is best for their projects. Fast drying screeds are becoming more and more popular in the industry allowing you to install floor coverings much sooner than using a standard traditional or liquid screed as well as offering a higher comprehensive strength of C60. RETANOL XTREME is a factory batched floor screed that has been designed to allow the release of trapped water in the matrix of the screed to maximise the hydration of the cement thereby giving faster drying times, increased strength and lower porosity. RETANOL XTREME is suitable for fully bonded, unbonded, floating and under heated screeds with or without fibre reinforcement. RETANOL XTREME is suitable for use in high traffic areas such as airports, shopping centres and hospitals where a high strength (Category A) screed is required and can also be used for domestic properties. This screed is batched to produce a levelling screed that is capable of receiving floor coverings such as tiles, wood, carpet, vinyl and other toppings listed in BS8203;2001.


Allowing you to apply tiles after 48 hours and all over floor coverings after 72 hours.


Standard Screeds offer a 1mm/day drying time. Installing a 65mm screed system would have a 65 day drying time. Our Fast Drying Screeds offer a 72 HOUR drying time!!!




25 - 100mm

72 Hours Drying Time



Foot traffic after 24 hours
Dry to receive tiles after 48 hours
Dry to receive any other floor finishes after 72 hours
Reaches 80%-90% of final strength after just 3-4 days
Final strength of C40 - C60 (depending on aggregate used)
Flexural strength of F6 - F8
Underfloor heating can be run after just 24 hours
30mm minimum coverage over underfloor heating pipes
TUV Certified - no negative impact on human health
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